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Hurt By Fire

Help for people hurt by fire.

What do I do after a fire?

Many fire survivors ask that question. Hurt by Fire connects you to the information needed to repair your life and property.  When you’re looking for answers turn to us.  We’ll teach you about fire investigation, to navigate your insurance claim and what to expect from the legal system after a fire. 

The information you’ll find on Hurt by Fire is created by experts with decades of experience dealing the difficulties fire survivors face.


Image of fire line tape across a burned building

Top Fire Investigation Myths

Reading Time: 2 minutes We’re counting down the Top Fire Investigation Myths. Most people only know what they see about fire investigation on TV. Real world investigations are different: dirtier and with less holograms. We asked our resident fire expert, Rich Meier, to make a list of his pet peeves top Fire Investigation Myths. Top 6 Fire Investigation Myths ...

May 6, 2020 2 min

june is fireworks safety month

Fireworks Safety Month

Reading Time: 2 minutes June is Fireworks Safety Month. We’re celebrating with a brand new fireworks safety video. It’s got all our best fireworks safety tips and a catchy song from Ben Tissot over at It makes complete sense to learn more about fireworks safety in June. Did you know that over half of all fireworks injuries happen ...

May 6, 2020 2 min

Two fire investigators considering the cause of a house fire.

How Do You Find the Cause of a Fire?

Reading Time: 5 minutes “How do you find the cause of a fire?” is the question most people ask fire investigators. We’re breaking down the complicated science to explain how fire investigations work. First, you need to know a little vocab. Next, just a bit of science. Finally, we’ll show you some real-world examples. Oh, and an awesome video. ...

May 6, 2020 5 min

Why We Built Hurt by Fire.

Hint: to help you.

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